There are a couple of ways to manage and create new custom folders:

Create and add to folders as you go

Step 1 – When you find a topic you’re interested in click ‘Follow’. Here’s some info about where the ‘Follow‘ button hangs out.


Step 2 – Choose an existing folder from the drop-down, or enter the name for a new folder in the overlay and click ‘Follow’.


Create, edit, delete and reorder folders from your profile

Step 1 – Click on your profile icon at the top right and click ‘Folders’ on the overlay.


Add a new folder – To add a new folder click ‘Add folder’ at the bottom of the screen, enter your new folder’s name and click ‘Save’.


  • Don’t forget to add the topics you want to follow so there’s stuff to see in your folder.

Edit a folder name – To edit the name of an existing folder, click on the folder name, update it and click ‘Save’.


Delete a folder – To delete an existing folder and all the topics it’s following, click the ‘X’ beside it.


Reorder your folder list –  You can also change the order your folders appear in the left hand navigation.

Step 1 – Hover your mouse to the left of the folder name and a few rows of dots and a move symbol will appear.


Step 2 – Click and hold to drag and drop the folder to a new position in the list. The green outline shows where the folder will be inserted.


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